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The Romeo Tango DX Group is a relatively new group in the DX world. It all started when Steve (RT181) founded the RTDX Group in 2004, with the desire to form a group made up of people with a serious love for professional, courteous radio communications

 The group started out small, with just a few hand picked members. Several months after the group started, RT181 all but shut down the group due to the lack of interest.

  About 6 month later, Sam (RT123), and Lyn (RT118), decided to restart the group with some different ideas and a belief that the RTDX Group could succeed. We spent countless hours on the internet discussing what we wanted for rules, exactly what kind of operators we wanted for our group, and where we wanted the group to go in the future. Our rules were to be simple; our operators professional and courteous, and our future bright. We were in it for the long haul! We started recruiting some members on the air and things have just gone up from there. We now have members across the United States. Sadly, our only international member (RT577) from Australia passed away in May of 2007.

 Once we had several members we decided we needed another person to help us out. So we chose Jim (RT1069) as our 3rd administrator. He has been a tremendous help to us and has contributed to the group in many ways. We now have a solid base of extraordinary operators, some with 20+ years on the air, that we are very proud to call family.

 We believe the future will be full of great things for our group. We see the upcoming solar cycle as an opportunity to expand our group in membership and notoriety and spread the Romeo Tango spirit of operating across the nation and around the world.