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We are a group of Radio Enthusiasts interested in the Citizens Band (CB) Single Side Band (SSB) mode of operations, and long distance (sky wave) communications. Our goal is to promote 11 meter radio communications in a courteous, professional and polite way, and to promote goodwill in the United States and around the world !!!

We are continually looking for serious radio operators who enjoy their radio hobby, would be an active asset to the group, and would use their Romeo Tango call sign with pride anytime they operate their radio on SSB; (With the exception of nets for other clubs you may be a part of) to be part of the Romeo Tango DX Group.

 If you are interested in becoming a Romeo Tango DX Group member, contact us on the radio (conditions permitting) on channel 38 LSB (27.385) daily or on our radio net every Sunday at 12:00 PM Central Standard Time on channel 36 LSB (27.365). If we think you will be an asset to our group after a few contacts with you we will invite you to join the group.

 You can also contact us via the "Contact Us" button. Please be sure to include a valid e-mail address, so we may respond to you in a timely manner.